Moving Tips

When you are planning on moving there is a few steps that you should follow to make moving easier for yourself and your family. Man and a Van Slough has put together a few moving tips that may be useful for your big day.

  1. Before starting anything decide whether you are going to have family and friends help you or whether you will need a man and van service
  2. A week in advance make sure you have arranged transport
  3. Pack all small items in to boxes and plastic bags
  4. if you can, dismantle any large bits of furniture so that transportation would be easier. If you cannot do this no worries at all Man and a Van Slough provide Dismantling and reassembling services
  5. Wrap and fragile items with bubble wrap or thick blankets to make sure they are not damaged
  6. Lastly confirm your man and a van service or confirm with whomever will be helping

Packing Tips

When you are moving t is important that you pack up items in a sortable fashion. Man and a Van Slough as a moving company carries out packing services for you. However, if you are not interested in packing services here is what we recommend you do:

  1. Make sure to separate all items according to rooms
  2. Label each box with the room they belong to e.g. Master Bedroom Room
  3. If you can hold of coloured stickers, please use them to separate daily needed items to hardly used items
  4. Make sure all fragile items are bubble wrapped or stuffed with blankets to make certain that they are not damaged

Our colour coding system has worked beautifully over the many years we have been moving homes and offices. It is great as once you have moved into your new location you could just look for the box containing your necessary daily items instead of going through each and every box.

If you would like advice on any further tips please do not hesitate to contact us as our office team are always available to help.