1. How many hours’ notice do I need to give you to book a man and van service?

Man and a van Slough recommend that you book your service 24hours in advance just so you are able to get your van for the exact time you require

  1. Do you accept last minute bookings?

We welcome all last minute bookings as long as you give us 3 hours in advance to send out a team for you

  1. Is it possible to get a ride in your van to the new location?

If you are booking a 1 man and van team then 2 passengers could travel in the van. If you are booking a 2 men and a van team then 1 passenger could travel in the van. If you are booking 3 men then no passengers are allowed in the vehicle

  1. What type of payment method do you accept?

Man and van Slough prefer to be paid in cash on completion of your move. However, if you are a company we do accept bank transfers and cheques

  1. Do you do single item removals?

We carry out all types of moves. Please do call to find out prices

  1. What happens if I need to cancel?

Man and a van slough recommend that you cancel your booking 24 hours in advance as this may affect our day. We do accept your cancellation if it has been done 4 hours in advance as well. This is all free of charge. However, if our driver has left for your move already and you cancel whilst he is on his way then we may charge you a cancellation fee.

  1. Are you insured?

We are fully insured and will cover damages in our care. You will need to go through our insurance and they will guide you